Raising Missions Support…8 Years Ago

Our family has a birthday tradition where each child, when they turn ten, receives a hope chest handmade by our dad. This hope chest stores memoirs, keepsakes, and items we want to save for when we have homes of our own one day. A couple times a year, I will go through my hope chest, looking through the memories from years ago and also adding new items to the collection. This past week I found a three ringed binder from years ago that I had turned into a biography of our family. It was quite funny to see what my thoughts were about my family at ten years old!  Flipping through it, I found a reference of my first try at support raising for becoming a missionary…which couldn’t have had better timing since that is what I have been working on lately. Reading through the bio on my sisters and I, I was reminded of the childlike faith and trust that we had, and should continue to have, in our “Big Savior”.

Please excuse the bad spelling and grammar. Thankfully, these are not an issue anymore. 🙂




Prayer Request/Praise Report

Prayer Request: This week I have a great deal of writing and editing to do in order to complete my college application, a scholarship application, and letters to friends and family to request support. Please pray that I will be a wise steward of my time and that God will give me the words to write that will bless others and increase support.

Praise Report: I had the blessing of spending some great quality time with one of my sisters this weekend at a conference. It was a lot of fun, just the two of us, getting to know each other’s quirks and heart’s desires even more. I am also thankful that God protected us on the road, as it was my first time driving a considerable distance without my parents.

Thank you for your prayers!