Aviation Timeline – June

Two years ago, beginning Memorial Day weekend, I began my journey into the world of aviation. I thought it would be neat to go through each month covering what I did that month, only two years earlier, that lead me to use my love for aviation as a tool for missionary work. So here’s the beginning of the timeline that started in late May-June two years ago.
Memorial Day Weekend – My family attended a hot air balloon festival and had the opportunity to help a pilot set up and tear down his balloon multiple times throughout the weekend. The pilot even surprised us by giving us a flight in his balloon! I remember one time when we were soaring along a railroad track, I saw a train below and thought it would be fun to see who won the “race”. I was quite surprised and disappointed to see the train win. 🙂 I also can’t say I really liked the idea of not having control of the direction of the balloon. I would’t say I’m a control freak, but when you’re soaring that high above the earth, control is a nice thing to have… reassuring at the least. During our time there I picked up on the fact that many of the balloon pilots were also airplane pilots. I had wanted to fly an airplane as a little girl, but who doesn’t? At first, I figured it as a “child’s dream” and never really pursued it. However, the hot air ballon flight re-lit that tiny spark of love for aviation, and so I asked the pilot (who was also an airplane pilot) how I could earn a pilot’s license. He said to check at our local airport. When we checked the airport we found out that it would be way beyond our budget to begin flight lessons, but the instructor gave us a list of organizations we could look into that would give free flights and also help obtain a basic knowledge of aviation.
June 14th – One of the organizations on the instructor’s list was the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). We visited one of their fly-in breakfasts one Saturday which lead to my first flight in an RV8. I still remember the feeling I had when we took off the runway, and to this day, taking off is my favorite part of the flight! Little did I know how much EAA would help me in learning about aviation in the years to come.
June 22nd – I joined the Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary). I could not begin flying until July, because I had to wait for the paper work to come back in and to receive my uniform, but I could not wait to fly again!

Stay tuned to see what happened in July!

^Pictures from my first flight.^


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