Thoughts From the “Psalm of Praise”

In my study of Psalm 113 this week, God brought to my attention two points that have given me so much joy these past few days.

The first point I came across as I read Psalm 113:3 which says, “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised.” At first, I thought the verse rather strange because I know God does not cease to be praised when the sun sets, for His glory is not hindered by His creation. Then, I thought about how when the sun is rising on one end of the world, it is setting on the other end and vice versa. Technically, the sun never ceases to rise, and in the same way, neither do the praises of God cease to be lifted up! The praises only begin to rise from other nations, tribes, and tongues. Picturing this and realizing how awesome He is that He will forever be receiving praise makes me want to praise Him all the more!

The next day during my study time, I noted that all throughout Psalm 113 there are similar words that have to do with the height of God and His works, such as, “rising”, “high above”, “lifts” and other variations of the word. In the middle of all these “high” words, I read verse 6 which says, “Who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in earth?” From previous bible studies, I knew that the word “humble” means “to be made low”, “set in a lower place”, or “become low”. I began to think about how much humility God and His Son Jesus have shown. Why would the King who has all authority and all power humble Himself to look at the things that happen on this little earth? For that matter, why would He even care about what happens on earth and be so ever present in every little thing that happens? Not only does He have an incredible, unfathomable level of humility, but He also has an incredible, unfathomable level of love for His children. This thought struck me as I meditated on what I learned; No one can reach the heights that God can, but at the same time, no one can go as low (in regards to humility) as He can. What a benevolent King He is!