A Lesson in Witnessing – Part 3

No excuses needed this time! šŸ™‚ Thought I’d try to beat the Christmas craziness and finish the third and final part of this story today. Enjoy!

As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I was really struggling after NESA because I had not found the chance to share the gospel with any of my cadets due to the business of those two weeks. I was especially sad that no one seemed to be taking the scriptures to heart, or at least in a way that I could visibly see the impact. It disappointed me a great deal.

Later, during that first week back home, I began praying and asking God to show me if I had done anything wrong and if not, why did He not provide me the opportunity to share the gospel or see any of the cadets make a positive step towards knowing Him better. As I talked with Him, He began to show me something I had never thought of before. He started with a question, “If I had told you that none of the students would directly come to Christ due to your efforts there, would you have still gone through all the hours of work to create the scripture cards and meditate on the best ways to share the gospel with the cadets?” I knew the answer right off. No. Why would I have wasted time on it if it would have only proven unprofitable? Then, God showed me where I was wrong. How was I to know that it was unprofitable? Just because I didn’t see them come to Christ or have a miraculous change of heart didn’t mean that no good was to come from my efforts. God showed me that the part I played in giving the scripture cards was only one stepping stone on a path that would help direct them down a road towards hopefully, one day, putting their trust in Christ.

Sometimes, God places us at the end of the path where we get to see their conversion to Christ, and sometimes He places us at the beginning or somewhere in between. God showed me that the kind of effort I put into these cadets, because I felt so sure I could make a difference in those two weeks, is the same kind of effort I need to put forth in people who I am not so sure will make the decision to follow Christ. He assured me that this was a vital point for me to learn as I work on training to become a missionary, and perhaps that it was important for me to be acquainted with the uncertainty of the work, yet still remember to retain the same measure of enthusiasm and effort no matter how circumstances appear externally. The Holy Spirit is doing His work in peoples hearts… drawing them and that is not always visible to the human eye.

Well, it took three parts to finally get around to explaining what God taught me about witnessing to others, but I felt it was an important revelation in my life and wanted to share it with those who are a part of this ministry team through prayer support. Thank you once again for your faithful prayers. God is at work!


2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Witnessing – Part 3

  1. Michael Hampton December 25, 2016 / 3:39 am

    Amen! Check out what Jesus said in John 15:26, 27. Merry Christmas!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • EvangelaGrace December 25, 2016 / 1:21 pm

      That’s a great verse! My siblings and I have been studying some about the Holy Spirit lately, and I have to say that the more I read about Him the more thankful I am for His help…especially when it comes to the part He plays in salvation. Merry Christmas!!


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