Meet The Family

It’s an understatement to say that my dream of being a missionary pilot would look a lot different without  my family. They are my closest advisors, greatest critiques, and biggest fans. They follow me all over Timbuktu to flying events and help me pick my feet back up when I feel down. So I thought it would only be fair to include a page about my fantastic family.

First off, I would like to start telling you about my spectacular parents. They’ve been together 25 years and have spent the past 18 years homeschooling 7 kids. They have given up so much in order that their children could reach their dreams…they are truly the best parents ever.

Next up is…Me! But I’m sure you’ve already heard enough about me, so we’ll move on to my sister Mikaela.

Mikaela is 17 years old and an avid bookworm. She reads anything from manuals to fiction. If it has words, she’ll read it. She also enjoys climbing trees and drawing beautiful masterpieces. Her favorite game to play is the “bible trivia game” where people try to guess bible characters. She always wins…so no one plays with her anymore. She is definitely the bible history whiz of the family.

Gabriela is 16 years old and adores anything to do with China. She is working on learning Mandarin and enjoys drawing pictures and incorporating Chinese characters. Her favorite food is…of course…Chinese. Besides her infatuation with China, she enjoys leadership activities in the Civil Air Patrol and singing.

Nathan is 13 years old and takes after his dad in so many ways. He loves working with wood and creates anything from makeshift guns to benches. Nathan also enjoys fishing, shooting his bb gun, and playing with his little brother Justice. He also enjoys flying and was super excited to have had the opportunity to fly in a Yak (Russian trainer aircraft).

Verity is 11 and she is the little mom of the house. In her free time, she cooks delicious desserts, plays piano, and reads books (we’re afraid she is turning into a Mikaela Jr. 😀 ). Her favorite book series right now is the Boxcar Children…a children’s mystery series. She also enjoy going out on dates with mom so they can have breakfast and do bible studies together.

Justice is 8 and loves foosball! I’ll admit that he even beat me on a game of “quadruple foosball” (foosball, but with four balls at once). He’s pretty competitive and has a thing about making sure everything is fair…and if it’s not fair he’s not happy. I guess he lives up to his name. 🙂 He also enjoys playing cars and fishing with his brother Nathan.

Liberty is 6 and loves playing baby dolls and dress up. She also loves drawing and snuggling up beside mom with a book. Like the rest of her siblings, she enjoys playing outside and also riding her bike.