Prayer: A Guide to Saving Money

Since I was a little girl, I knew that seeking Yahweh’s guidance should be as habitual in minor everyday issues as it is in major life-changing issues. However, this point didn’t really strike home with me until the day I lost my iPod. Our family was about to leave on a long road trip and I was desperately searching for the missing electronic, but to no avail. (A 10 hour trip in a car with seven children can be long and noisy without my classical music and hymns. 😀 ) As the time drew near for us to depart, I hastily offered $5 to the sibling who could find it’s hiding place. My sister Gabriela, eager for the extra money, sped off…and triumphantly returned with my iPod a minute or two later. Sensing treachery, I demanded to know how she found it so quickly. She said, “I prayed, and God told me it was in the drawer next to the bed.” The rest of the day, all I could think about was how I lost $5 because I didn’t pray. Although the reasoning may have been selfish at the time, this example has remained a reminder that prayer should be first…even for the little things.